Job Description

We are looking for a React Native developer interested in building performant mobile
apps on both the iOS and Android platforms. You will be responsible for architecting and
building these applications.

  • Build pixel-perfect, smooth, user friendly UIs across both mobile platforms.
  • Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with both platforms.
  • Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks for performance that feels
  • Maintain code and write automated tests to ensure the product is of the highest
  • Firm grasp of the JavaScript or TypeScript language and its nuances
  • Familiar with HTML and CSS
  • Familiar with Sass, Less
  • Familiar with Git
  • Solid knowledge of functional or object-oriented programming
  • Ability to write well-documented, clean Javascript code
  • More than 2 years’ experience on app development with React Native
  • Familiar with front end automation tools like Webpack/Gulp, ability to write
    automation script
  • Understanding of REST APIs, the document request model, and offline storage
  • Experience with automated testing suites